П-2/37-1 Ketchup Pop-up

П-2/37-1 Ketchup Pop-up
Leo Burnett Ukraine
Название работы
П-2/37-1 Ketchup Pop-up
Конкурс / номинация
П-2 Промышленные товары
Egor Petrov
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Creative Director: Tatiana Fedorenko, Claus-Steffen Braun Art Director: Egor Petrov Copywriter: Tatiana Fedorenko Illustrator: Egor Petrov Photographer: Vasiliy Shulga Producer: Katerina Duda Production House: Positive pictures
Описание команды
Idea: “Whiteness without pop up” We got inspired by Internet banners, which always bother. But you can eliminate them easily. Just click. Stains appear in the same way, like a pop up window on you clothes. That is why we show them in print like a Banner on screen. The shirt is the screen, the icon of a wine bottle, a choc, or a Ketchup bottle is the stain. The typical “X mark” shows where you are supposed to click. The minds knowledge of digital behavior will do the easy connection we ask for. Like Internet, Tide you can trust easily, to get rid of pop up stains. It is a surprising and clever mechanic to proof great cleaning ability and assure superior whiteness.